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Art Prints and Artistic Design, Home and Office Decor, Clothes and Accessories, Gift and more.

Art Prints and Artistic Design

Artworks Home & Office Decor

Home & Office Decor

Good art for your room or your office.

We have several size variants, with and without frames to suit your needs and tastes.

Artworks NFT Collectibles

Collectible NFTs

Original digital Artwork in Collectible NFTs.

The originals of these works are on the OpenSea Platform.

Artworks Collections


The best series to collect at your fingertips.

Set of works of art grouped by theme, technique, color, format, among others.

Artworks Unisex T-Shirt Category

Clothes & Accessories

Favorite art on favorite clothing and accessory.

From t-shirts, here you will find a diversity of clothing with designs for all types of occasions.

Artworks Gift And Others

Gift & Others

Give your favorite friend their favorite art.

Large number of objects for you and to give away with our designs , we please everyone.

Tu Cara De Cartel Category

Tu Cara De Cartel

Our logo and our distinctive phrase.

Products with a different purpose, show a special way of looking at art.


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About the Artist

Ixchel Marina Casado Pérez (Chely)

Do you already know who does these wonders?

The creator is Ixchel Marina Casado Pérez and she is endowed with a creative talent that permeates various forms of art. She likes plastic arts, music, photography, literature, dance and art in general, her passion is cinema.

Do you want to know more about her? Here you can see the official website of Ixchel Marina Casado Pérez and here her YouTube Channel.


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